mScorecard™ is the most complete free
golf scorecard, statistics and GPS app.
mScorecard™ is the most
complete free golf scorecard,
statistics and GPS app.
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Fast and Easy Scoring

Record all details of your game, including strokes, putts, fairway hits, chips, sandshots, up&downs, clubs. You can keep score up-to five players per round. Scorecard View enables fast score keeping for the all players in your group, just like a traditional scorecard.

Aerial Map and GPS Distances

You can view distances to the green, bunkers, hazards and other points of interests at any time. The aerial map visualizes the course and allows you to measure distances and plan your shots.

View scorecard and shot details by tilting phone

By tilting your phone to landscape anytime during a round, mScorecard automatically displays a scorecard for the whole group. You can drill down to each player and see their shot detailes hole-by-hole.

Wager and play multiple sidegames

In addition to normal scoring you can play multiple sideagmes, including Skins, Nassau, Stableford, Match Play, Stroke Play, Longest Drive, Greenies, Birdies, etc.

Round history and Stats

Your full round history is stored and you can review your old rounds and stats both in the mobile app and on our website. View realtime leaderboard and detailed round statistcs for all players in your group. You can share rounds with your friends via email, Facebook, WhatsApp and many other apps. You can also comment your friend's rounds.

Shot Distance Measurement

Automatic shot distances measurement with GPS. You can track and record distances for all shots. mScorecard displays your average distance per each club.

Handicap calculation and advanced stats

mScorecard automatically calculates handicap and advanced player statistics for you and your friends. mScorecard supports the World Handicap System and many national handicap systems around the world.