What Our Users Say

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“The Best Golf App that I have used.”
Jacob Koehn, USA
“Easily the best app out there, simple and very easy to use. Have tried a few apps, nothing comes close to this. Highly recommended!”
Martin Dick, UK
“Thank you very much for this great software. mScorecard is really the best on the market.”
Michael Ruoff, Germany
“Great golf app with all the features you need. Best is it works on so many devices that even if you change phones you can stay with the same app and can keep your score history.”
Tim du Toit, Germany
“Fantastic App and so easy to use.”
Martin Wilks, UK
“Downloaded and then deleted many other scorecard Apps thank god ive found this one,fantastic app keep it up!”
Ian littlewood, UK
“Have tried a few other programs - this one is easy to use, and tracks as much or as little data as you want...great app!”
Cory Green, Canada
“Very good app...have been getting friends to start using this...those who switched over to it are very happy and those who haven't, hate the ones they use and have given up on mobile apps for scoring...the only problem is that you should improve it to calculate handicaps on 9 hole rounds as well.”
Faisal Mukaty, United Arab Emirates
“Since having the mscorecard app, I do not need score card and pen. It's easy to use and great advantages to me, plus I can review my previous scores as well. Well done mScorecard!”
Othman Maidin, Brunei
“I have used mScorecard on my blackberry for 4 or 5 years now. Tried others but always come back. It is so simple to use. Version 6.1 is awesome! You can maneuver from screen to screen, select options using just the trackball/pad, not having multiple buttons to push. An the option to set hot keys is great. Other things I like are: multiple player input, simple uploading of scores and stats available via the website. Best phone app on the market and it continues to improve.”
Mark Schad, USA
“This product is excellent, very accurate and if you turn other apps off I can play 18 holes keep score for the whole 4 some and have 70 percent battery left. I use the EVO 4g.

Now beyond the product the customer support is the BEST!! I purchased this software for my BB, 4 weeks later I upgraded my phone to the EVO, mScorecard allowed me to use the same license key that I had purchased for my BB, I love the product so much I would have paid again, but that showed what a standup company mscorecard is. They have a customer for life here!!!!!!!”

Shane Posey, USA
“I don't normally do this, but I wanted to take a moment to praise everyone at mScorecard for developing a wonderful product. This has become as important for me to have on the course as my clubs! After only a month of use, I can't believe I was trying to play without it.”
Matthew McFadden, USA
“Thanks very much for the Android version. Now again I can use my new Android phone to score my game. I'm very pleased.”
Vesa Jordan, Finland
“I've been using mScorecard for over 3 years (currently over 300 rounds). I try other similar products regularly but have not found any come close to the ease of use and setup of mScorecard. I've paid 3 times the price on other products for half the capabilities. GREAT PRODUCT!”
Jim Guidry, USA
“Amazing product! I tried several others with severe problems getting them to work and understand how to use. Many require internet downloads for each course which is too much effort. Simply starting the app then adding players names and then go. I don't keep many stats, i just want the score and I am able to punch in my score and go to the next hole. GPS works excellent as well as you mark your own green centre so it's more accurate than other GPSs.”
Andy Babin, Canada
“Great product for my Blackberry. Accompanied with me all the time every golf round. Great!”
Tran Hong Van, Vietnam
“The most consistant and reliable golf gps software on the market.”
David Leaf, UK
“I have been using this product for years and have been recommending it to all guest I play with and meet here in Whistler. I have tried other applications and I believe this to be the best and it keeps getting better all the time. Nice work!”
Kelly Blunden, Canada
“Hi. Just like to thank you for a great program which is so user friendly. I used it on our course for the first time on the weekend and it sparked a lot of interest around the club. Well done!”
Alan Sole, Australia
“Great software, easy enough to use and easy to add/change courses. Have used it for over 100 rounds. Looking forward for new versions!”
Michael Holm, Finland
“Just wanted to drop you a note and thank-you for developing such a great application. I've been looking for a long while to find an all-in-one scorecard and GPS application for my Sprint Blackberry 8830 - and yours fit the bill...perfectly. (I evaluated ALL the other options and this is by far the best)

I just finished playing 3 rounds this weekend and used your application at 2 different courses, it worked great. Truly an excellent application, simple in design but advanced in functionality. The integration you did with Google Maps is just great!!

You can bet that all my co-workers and friends will hear about what a great addition this is to their blackberry. Thanks again, I'm one happy customer...now if it could only help my slice.”

John Smits, USA
“Thanks for this fantastic tool. It gives me an extra dimension with playing Golf.”
Ger van Well, Netherlands
“Hi - I have just purchased mScorecard for use with my mobile phone. I don't normally comment on software, but I have to say that this is by far the best golf software that I have seen, and so easy to use! Really excellent - thank you.”
Nigel Locke, UK
“Just a quick note to say thank you. With all of the software issues out there in the world , it is great that you have developed such a fine product. I love this game and I love your program!”
Geoffrey Brown, USA
“I have been using this program for over a year now, and it is superb. It helps me analyse the parts of my sons game that needs working on. And the addition of the GPS is great.”
Steven Gee
“Just wanna take the time and complement you on your excellent product. Using the statistics I have seriously improved my game. It has gotten me more interested in knowing all aspects of my game, and has enhanched my ambition. Went from hcp 9,1 to 6,6 in 3 months. Thank you so much.”
Sigursteinn Ingvar Runarsson, Iceland
“I have really enjoyed moved myself into this software, and I have tried even a couple of others! Must I say: 'stay tuned to this!'. I do encourage everybody to make quality spot checks on existing courses and even make new ones that currently does not exist in the current collection of courses in the library”
Vidar Hovland, Norway
“See how good it is by using it. It is really good and helpful and I have recommended to all my golfing friends who have all downloaded it”
Steve Barker, UK
“Congratulations for your excellent support. I had three questions about your software and all of them were perfectly solved and with a wonderful response time. ”
Carlos Fernandez, Spain
“Great, it is really good. Good for my play.I really enjoyed it. Now I can see before the stroke what kind of club I need. In one word....SUPER !!!!”
Rinie Veltman, Netherlands