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Please find our online support resources below. If you have a support question to which you cannot find an anwer on this site, you can contact us here.

    • Is mScorecard free?
      mScorecard is completely free of charge.
      If you like mScorecard, you can make a voluntary contribution to support our development..
    • I have forgotten my password?
      You can change your password at www.mscorecard.com/mscorecard/forgot.php
    • How can I add a new course to mScorecard?
      New courses can be added at: www.mscorecard.com/mscorecard/courses.php by clicking the Add Course button. We can also add courses for you if you send us the course scorecard.
    • Course information is incorrect, incomplete or outdated, how to fix that?
      You can modify the course information and gps coordinates yourself at: www.mscorecard.com/mscorecard/courses.php by opening the course and selecting Edit.
    • Handicap is not calculated automatically, course handicap calculation is wrong?
      Please make sure that you have set the correct hcp system in the player profile.
    • On which devices does mScorecard run?
      mScorecard runs on all major smart phones and feature phones, including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Tizen, Symbian, Asha/S40, MeeGo, Sailfish, Bada, etc.