mScorecard is the ultimate free golf scorecard, statistics and GPS application. It instantly calculates scores, handicaps, sidegames, distances and advanced round statistics for up to five players per round.

Most complete mobile scorecard
Record many details of your game.
Fast and easy scoring
Scorecard View enables fast score keeping
Leaderboard and Round Stats
Realtime round stats and leaderboard
Player profile and stats
View your own and your friend's stats

GPS Distances
Distances to the green and other locations
Aerial Course Map
View and measure distances on a map
Shot distance measurement
Measure shot and average club distances.
Wager and play many sidegames
View friend rounds and comments
See your friend's rounds and comments.
Add comments
Comment friends' rounds
View Played Rounds
View your or friends' played rounds.
Share rounds
Share Rounds to Facebook and via email.
Summary scorecard
Tilt the phone to view the summary scorecard